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PLEASE NOTE: To see booking duration, click on the date. The event duration will appear on the upper right side of the calendar.

Toy Lounge may only be used from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday-Friday

Click here if not visible below.

If setup is required prior to your event, don’t forget to book enough time before and also enough time after, in order to leave the space as you found it.

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How To Make A Reservation (PDF)

Reservations are not accepted for events that start anytime on a weekend or events which start or end after 5pm on a weekday.

Toy Lounge is maintained and controlled by the College of Arts & Sciences for informal to semi-formal meetings of faculty, administration and related groups.

This space is available for faculty and staff use only. Students or student organizations are not permitted to reserve this space. This space is to be used ‘as is’. If you need additional technology or furniture (more tables, chairs) than what is currently in Toy Lounge, please consider alternative venues.