Toy Lounge reservations are now being handled through Infoporte! 

Click below for a how-to guide, or to go straight to the reservation form

How To Make A Reservation (PDF)   Reservation Form 


Toy Lounge is maintained and controlled by the College of Arts & Sciences for informal to semi-formal meetings of faculty, administration and related groups.

This space is available for faculty and staff use only. Students or student organizations are not permitted to reserve this space. This space is to be used ‘as is’. If you need additional technology or furniture (more tables, chairs) than what is currently in Toy Lounge, please consider alternative venues. To view pictures of the Toy Lounge room and amenities, please view the photo tour.

For ALL technical questions (how to use the laptop, connectivity, etc) please contact Classroom Hotline at or 919.962.6702.

If you have questions not answered on the site or in the FAQs section, please direct these questions to Toy Lounge Reservations.

Usage Guidelines

  • Toy Lounge may only be used from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday-Friday, excluding holidays and times wherein the UNC-Chapel Hill campus is closed. Reservations are not accepted for events that start anytime on a weekend or events which start or end after 5pm on a weekday.
  • Toy Lounge is available for UNC business meetings or programs. The College of Arts and Sciences will always receive priority.
  • Toy Lounge may not be used for regular classroom instruction (including film showing) or to host a guest speaker in a regularly scheduled course.
  • Toy lounge is not available for use by undergraduate or graduate student groups or student oriented programs even when sponsored by a department. Student organizations are encouraged to seek space in the Student Union.
  • Reservation requests cannot be made more than six months in advance.  If a request is rejected for being more than six months in advance, you will need to resubmit a request at a later date.
  • Preference for Toy Lounge is given to short-term or one-time functions. Requests requiring large blocks of time and recurring meetings may be accepted, but might be better suited for another venue.

Day of Event

  • Keys may be picked up 1/2 hour before your reservation begins. Keys will not be loaned to contractors or vendors, caterers, outside presenters, etc. Please meet your vendor at Toy Lounge to let them in and stay with them to lock up.
  • All parties, including caterers, etc., must be out of the Lounge when your scheduled time is over.
  • It is the responsibility of your unit to return furnishings to their proper position, clean off all surfaces, etc. and set closed trash bags outside kitchen door. Close shades, turn off lights and equipment.
  • Lock all doors, including the left double-door which must be switched to the locked position so that it is secured when the right door is locked.

IMPORTANT: Failure to observe these guidelines may result in loss of privileges. These policies are set by the College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Office.